50 Boulevard of the Eagles, Edison, New Jersey 08817

Take out a dollar bill and turn to its back and you will see an eagle on the great seal of our United States. Held in the beak of the eagle are the words “e pluribus, unum” -- “out of many, one,” While the people at the mint may not have had the Edison Eagles in mind, those words do say a lot about Edison High School. We are diverse in backgrounds, linguistics, academics, politics, economic standings as well as the classes we teach and the ways we learn. Yet we aim to be a unified school for all students; we are proud this past year we made AYP in each and every subgroup and category.

Our highest achieving students, as indicated by participation in College Board subject tests, averaged 1922 on the SAT. Edison High School has higher AP passing scores than nine of the top twenty public schools listed by New Jersey Monthly and more National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists than ten of these Top Twenty schools. Edison High School students from the class of 2010 are going to such fine universities as Dartmouth, Brown, NYU, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, and Rutgers.

We also have award winning fine arts programs, such as our Marching Band, Choirs and Drama club. We have won competitions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts in the last year alone. Our athletes participate in the Greater Middlesex Conference Red and White divisions in 22 varsity sports, and have been the Red Division Softball Champions as well as the North Jersey Group IV State Runner Ups in Baseball.

Many of our other graduates have moved on to careers in government as police officers, fire fighters, and teachers. This includes over two dozen alumni presently on our staff. Edison Eagles have also raised thousands of dollars last year alone for charities both close to home as well as across the world.

As a staff, we are excited about our renewed focus on learning and the positive response our students have had to both structure and renewed academic discipline. Our diversity strengthens us and it prepares our young people for the world that awaits them.

In short, Edison High School continues to be a hidden gem within Middlesex County.


                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Charles Ross