50 Boulevard of the Eagles, Edison, New Jersey 08817

Welcome to the Ping Pong/Badminton Club!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert the ping pong/badminton club is for you. Improve your skills, have fun and make new friends while enjoying a little friendly competition. We meet once a week and play singles and doubles. No stress, just fun.

Adviser: Howard Manson
Contact: [email protected]

Welcome to the E.A.G.L.E.S. Club!

EAGLES = Entering A Great Learning Environment Successfully
The EAGLES transition club consists of students in all grade levels that want to help 8th grade students transition to high school.  The EAGLES club takes two trips each middle school to talk to 8th grade students about life in high school.  During these trips EAGLES members discuss school rules, policies, curriculum, sports and clubs.  Club members also help out at Freshmen Orientation. 

There is also an EAGLES mentoring program.  Students involved in the mentoring program are paired up with students who need some guidance. Mentors usually meet with their assigned student once a week during their study hall. 

Adviser: Rachel Sandler
Contact: [email protected]

Welcome to the Make Friends and Influence People Club!

Our club is in it's fourth year now.  It started out as a single idea and grew from there.  Many students were being encouraged to join clubs after school in order to form new friendships and to become part of a group of students, with common interests.  It was promised to be a relaxed atmosphere, where you were provided with interesting discussions, food and fun.  We have had guest speakers come and discuss life after high school.  Many question and answer days from past graduates that have attended area colleges, have joined us for an afternoon.

Some comments from our club members have been very positive:
"What I think about Friendship Club is that it teaches me to be more social around other people.  Since I started going to the club I've  started to talk to people more and start conversations with them.  The guest speakers that have visited and told us about life after high school have helped me prepare my own life after high school. I also like it because when I'm on my own someday I'll remember the club and it's social points.  The social club is a lot of great opportunities to meet new people." ~P.I.

"The Friendship Club is all about meeting people.  Many kids may have stuff in common with you.  We talk to each other, eat food, and find ways to communicate together.  It can be very fun  and sometimes, we even have guest speakers.  I like the club because it helped me meet a really good friend." ~J.B.

Adviser: Nancy Charatan
[email protected]

Welcome to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a national organization that is committed to serving within the local communities by equipping, encouraging and empowering people to make a difference.  We do this through various activities such as serving in soup kitchens, conducting various drives, and donating to different organizations.  Each month is devoted to service our community in some way.  We also organize different outside events that are sponsored by FCA, such as attend a New Jersey Nets games, Somerset Patriots games, and hold an annual picnic at the end of each school year.   We welcome all students to come out to not only service the community but also enjoy a good time of fellowship.  We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7pm in room 004. 

Advisers: Lorissa Clark and Linda Ryan
Contact: [email protected] and [email protected]

Welcome to the Art Club!

Express your creativity!  Develop your artistic talent!  Learn a new technique! The Art Club is open to all students!  Each meeting is devoted to a new project or you can choose to do something on your own.  Some projects are origami, mirror etching, colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor painting, tie-dye, and calligraphy.  Members choose what projects they want to try! We also help out our community by painting murals, participating in fundraisers, and creating theatrical scenery.   Get your creative juices flowing and join the Art Club!

Adviser: Sherry Yee

Contact: [email protected]

Welcome to the Rotary Interact Club!

Edison High School’s Rotary Interact Club focuses on helping our community. As the largest club in school, we are able to get involved in many ways. Several members volunteer bi-monthly at the St. James Church Soup Kitchen. There, we organize and distribute food and warm clothes to local families in need. For Thanksgiving, we also were able to run a coat drive in addition to handing out turkeys at the church. Donating to and volunteering at St. James' toy drive was also a very rewarding experience for our members. On February 23rd several members were recognized by the Edison Board of Education for their efforts at St. James. Other places we volunteer at include the Edison Animal Shelter, JFK Hartwyck and Ozanam Family Shelter.  


Our members also look for any opportunities outside of our usual philanthropies. So far this year, we've volunteered at James Monroe's Harvest Eve, John Marshall's Boogie Bash and have been working on plans for the coming months. Our major projects include a blood drive in March, a beach sweep and frisbee tournament in April.   Through our bake sales, pizza sales and holiday candy grams, we have been able to raise over $1000. Rotary hopes to add to that total and donate it to several charities including the Soup Kitchen.

Adviser: Jameel Misbahuddin

Contact: [email protected]

Welcome to the Ceramics Club!

Ceramics Club enables students with little or no exposure with clay to experience all the hand building techniques involved in the ceramic process.  We allow a hands-on working atmosphere where the students create various forms in clay.  Each meeting a new technique/project is introduced where student helpers and adviser share their knowledge of working with clay.


Ceramics Club also fundraises during the year to raise money for senior scholarships, supplies, and an end of the year party.  All materials are safe for use in the home as well as the classroom.

Adviser: Sherry Yee

Contact: [email protected]


Welcome to the Edison High School Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)!

The Edison High School Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) exists to provide a safe environment in which LGBT students and their allies can openly discuss strategies to help prevent discrimination. Students enjoy their self-proclaimed "safe space" for the purposes of group share, political issues that effect the LGBT community and having the freedom to be themselves amongst a group that is non-judgmental and supportive. Our biggest event is participation in the "National Day of Silence."  A day on which as many as seven hundred EHS students pledged a vow of silence in support of all those LGBT students who, for whatever reason cannot or will not speak for themselves.

Adviser: Patti Jaworski

Contact: [email protected]

Welcome to the Assertive Teens Against Cancer Club!

The Edison High School community has devoted much effort to raising money for cancer research.  Tracey (Patton) Lithgow, an alumni and English teacher at the school, founded a club in 2008 known as A.T.A.C., or Assertive Teens Against Cancer.  Last year, they raised $8,000 in just six months by bagging groceries at the local Edison Shop Rite, washing cars, planning & hosting a tricky tray auction, selling concessions at school events and promoting cancer awareness throughout the student body and Edison community.  At the end of the school year, the students in the club took a field trip to the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) in New Brunswick to present them with a check, receive a tour of the institute, and attend presentations by several oncologists who are also professors at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine on the subjects of leukemia, breast cancer and gastric surgical oncology.  This year, the club has grown to over 100 members who have a number of fundraisers planned this year, including a spaghetti dinner and “Moonlight Movie Night”.  In April, during young adult cancer awareness month, memory boards honoring those lost to cancer, as well as survivors, will be on display in the front lobby of the school.

A.T.A.C is also involved in assisting Ms. Lithgow organize “Take a Breath for Kenny”, an annual walkathon at Roosevelt Park.  On November 8th, many of the Edison High School staff, students and their families participated in the event, which raised $7,862.00 for lung cancer research at CINJ.  Additional contributions of the school include memory board hearts made by our woodshop classes and a special guest appearance by the pop rock band A Clear Blurr, who are members of the Edison High Class of 2009. We are continuing to improve our efforts for this very urgent cause.  This is just the beginning of Edison High’s success in the fight against cancer.

Adviser: Tracey Lithgow

Contact: tracey.lithgow@edison.k12.nj.us

Welcome to Student Council!


The Student Council is the primary voice between teachers and administration and the student body.  There is an Executive Board, five committees, and over 200 members.  The Student Council holds general meetings monthly and officer/co-chair meetings weekly.  They are responsible for various fund-raising events, community service projects, and promoting school spirit.  Come join us! 


Adviser: Karen Kirkpatrick 

Contact: [email protected]  

Welcome to the Latin Club!

The Latin Club has a fun, relaxed environment. Meetings are spent planning fundraisers, community service, and events, designing t-shirts, and playing games – such as Roman Clue, Lacrima Lupus (cry wolf), and Toilet Paper Togas. Some of our exciting events include a Saturnalia Celebration, a Chariot-Race Olympics, a Wii-Play Game Night, and much more.

In addition to the school organization, we are also a part of the state organization, the New Jersey Junior Classical League. As active participants, several of our students serve on the Executive Board and all of our students participate in fun and educational activities, such as Certamen and State Convention. It is not necessary to know Latin or be in Latin class to join – many of our members don’t speak a word!

Adviser: Courtney Rose
Contact: [email protected]

Welcome to the Latin Honors Society!

The local Edison High Chapter of the National Latin Honors Society recognizes students for their excellence in academics, especially in the Classical Languages, their strength in character, and their participation in community service. The NLHS furnishes its members with the opportunity to share their knowledge of the language and to provide community service and fundraising to the school, to their classmates, and to the surrounding communities.

Membership is open to students who have completed at least two years of the Latin Language, maintaining an “A” average, and who have achieved at least a “B” average in all other academic areas. Students must be in good standing with the National Junior Classical League and must be considered “good citizens” or the school.

Adviser: Courtney Rose
Contact: [email protected]


Welcome to Peer Mediation!

Peer Mediation is comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have been nominated by peers and teachers as someone who they believe can help other students. In this club, the members help other students resolve problems. Peer Mediators participate in 12 hours of initial training to learn how to help resolve conflicts in a safe and effective manor, as well as an additional 6 hours of "refresher" training each summer.   The club also participates in/runs the Very Special Arts program held at Middlesex County College and provides mentoring for young children at Washington Elementary School through the Eaglets Program. Pennie for Peace also operates through the Peer Mediation Program.

Advisers: Ann Marie Lynch and Kimberly Mitchell  
Contacts: [email protected] and [email protected]

Welcome to the Yearbook Club!

The Yearbook Club creates the Edison High School Yearbook. Students take pictures and write stories to create the pages that chronicle the school year. We welcome all input from students. We meet Wednesdays and Thursdays after school in the library. Students may also send their pictures and stories to the staff via e-mail.

Advisers: Marie Brown and Christine Unangst
Contact: [email protected]